Dark Matter, Part 2: Articles of Faith

In the last Razor Cuts post, we wrote about the gaps in expectations – the dark matter between people – the place where unwelcome surprises lurk, but there is a better, nobler, side to the dark matter equation:


Sometimes we work with people who naturally take responsibility, people who have the ability to imagine their way through problems to practical solutions, people who are prepared to work hard on things that matter and take some heat for not doing the things that don’t – in other words; ‘good’ people.

When we’re working with good people, the dark matter problem is reversed: we’re frequently surprised by the prolific quality of their output, surprised by their creativity that springs from thinking about a problem from a different angle, surprised by the things that they can produce from the foundations we have laid. Robert McKee talks in his Story Seminar about his amazement at how beautiful the words in his scripts could become in the hands of a great actor.

If we have a good idea, and we think about it really hard, and work constantly to refine it; to make it tighter, and more focused. If we have faith in it, and in good people, we can share it with them, and through their thought, and skill, and effort, it can become something amazing.

Sometimes (often) you need to manage tightly – sometimes it pays to have faith.